Protect Your Gardens With A Natural Alternative

Lady Bugs
Lady Bugs in the Garden

There is no joy in life as simple as tending your own patch of earth. Gardening is a prominent and worthwhile endeavor that is gaining popularity these days among just about every type of person imaginable. Whether you are tending a roof top garden, or planting your own food supply, or tending an herb garden, or raising roses, nothing ruins a good time more than pests eating your hard work.

It does not matter if you are growing flowers or food, or herbs or vines people think the only recourse towards protecting your gardens is dumping harsh chemicals on them. This may not be a huge problem when it comes to flowers, but what about the food you are trying to pull out of the ground? What about the bees that collect pollen from your flowers?

Pesticides can have a huge impact on you and the environment and they may not be a good solution for you. Luckily people are pioneering more natural and organic pest control these days. Natural pest control is growing more popular as people grow distasteful of the harmful chemicals in pesticides. To this end garden stores have begun carrying praying mantis for sale.

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Mantis’ have a mystical and mysterious quality all over the world. In Africa they are worshiped as gods. In Europe they are seen as good omens and seekers of knowledge. In South American they are told tales of a giant killer mantis; they steal away with children in the night. The stories about them are endless but they have some practical and real world benefits as well as natural pesticides.

Here are some Praying Mantis facts for you to think about while shopping for a natural pesticide. The Praying Mantis life cycle begins when the praying mantis eggs hatch. These larvae, called nymphs, have huge appetites. They roam eating aphids by the thousands, and any other insect they can get their hands on.

Male Tenodera Sinensis
Male Tenodera Sinensis

It is both a great way to manage pest control and be preventative pest control as well. These expert bug killers are a perfect, chemical free, environmentally sound way to control the insect population in your garden. The Chinese Mantis and the European Mantis is specifically bread for use in agriculture, and both species can be readily found and purchases.

It bears mentioning that the two species above as well as African and South American versions are highly sought after as praying mantis pets. There is a brisk trade on the exotic animal market for prime specimens of their kind.

Your garden is your sanctuary and the time you put into it is sacred. Why not do everything you can to protect it and see it flourish. Praying Mantis can help you achieve your gardening goals in a safe and natural way.

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