Praying Mantises – An Amazing Form Of Preventative Pest Control

Insects and small reptiles can be a pest to people both in the yard and in the home. You may be tempted to spray your home with pesticides in hopes of keeping these pests at bay. However these chemicals only temporarily solve the problem. By putting your praying mantises in your yard you will be putting natural pest control in your yard that will lower the number of insects you see.

The praying mantis eats a diet that primarily consists of the meat from smaller insects and in some cases rodents and lizards. Since they don’t eat plants they pose no threat to plants in your yard or in your garden. When you put praying mantises in your yard you do not have to worry about them consuming your precious plants.

When looking for praying mantises you should strongly consider buying praying mantis eggs. An egg pouch can provide you with hundreds of praying mantises. The praying mantis life cycle is fairly short (about a year) and a single praying mantis will not be an effective enough bug killer but by using an egg pouch you will guarantee that you have enough praying mantises to deal with any pest problem you may be having and you these praying mantises will breed and provide you with future generations of bug killers.

One species of praying mantis to consider would be the Chinese praying mantis. This variety has been in the United States for over a hundred years as a form of organic pest control and there are no concerns that it may develop into an invasive species. This variety is very easy to take care of and if you put it in an environment with a large amount of pests the population should essentially take care of itself.

If you have young children in your household or visiting you may want to talk to them about the praying mantises in your yard. Children are often scared of insects and may harm the insect out of fear. By explaining that the praying mantis is a form of preventative pest control you will be able to teach them about the food chain and about the life cycle. What could have been a scary experience can become an educational one. One educational fact people may find interesting is that female praying mantises eat their mates soon after mating. They may also be interested to learn that praying mantises do not eat plants and only eat insects.

Praying mantises are an amazing form of natural pest control that will keep the pests in your yard and garden under control. Hopefully by having praying mantises in your yard you will also have a reduction in the amount of pests you see in your house as well.

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