How A Praying Mantis Provides Preventive Pest Control

preventive pest control mantis

Throughout the year, there are several months when pests, both in the home and in the garden, disrupt your life. Your first instinct is to stock up on aerosol bug spray, boric acid powder, or other chemical products. Depending on the nature of the pests and the level of infestation, you may also call an exterminator.

The problem is, many chemical products used to rid yourself of your tiny, annoying friends also affect the health of people and animals living in the home. It can affect your breathing and cause irritation to your skin and eyes. In fact, in extreme instances, insecticides have been known to cause serious allergic reactions that can lead to death.

The trick is to find a way to instill natural pest control in your home without flooding it with unwanted chemicals. One way people have found to do this involves bringing insects into the home. This is an interesting ploy, but it makes sense. A pet praying mantis will eat many of the most problematic pests that invade your home. If you have one in the garden, it will eat grasshoppers and beetles. At night, they will get rid of moths whose larvae tend to destroy plants over a period of a few days. The best reason, though, to have a praying mantis? They devour roaches.

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